There are many names that people use to describe squirrel-proofing services: Squirrel Exclusion, Squirrel Damage Repairs.  All of it is the art of going along the perimeter of the home using critter-proof material such as metal and applying it to the areas that are commonly used for squirrel entry.   It is not as simple as we make it sound because there is an method.  We always say “not all exclusions are created equal”.  We mean it.

Look at this horrible work! What was the purpose of covering 1/2 the gap?

Many times we have been hired to come in after other companies were hired to seal a home to re-evaluate the situation and reseal the home when squirrels were still getting inside.  The problem is, especially franchise or national chains, where it is all the work of the employees.  As everyone knows with employees you do not ALWAYS get the will of the owner demonstrated in the quality of the workmanship.  After all, it is just a job. More times than not we find metal used for a gap was too narrow and didnt cover the gap, the higher elevations were abandonded, or the difficult areas ignored.  With us, everyone on the property is a partner and has a vested interest in the outcome. If you leave an opportunity eventually a rodent will find the breach and monopolize on it.


Our exclusions come with a FREE 2-year warranty with a LIFETIME renewal that no critter will get past our work.  It is unique that we have opted out of charging an annualWe take pride in the fact that over the past decade we have had one breach and that was a job where we lost track of the work done due to weather and missed a critical area.

The most common areas that we have to seal is the construction gap, soffit returns, utility chases, gable vents, siding trim gaps, and vents.

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