Our neighborhood was recently infested with mice. As a result, we also started having issues with snakes. The guys worked meticulously to identify all the problem areas and even ones that could potentially become problem areas. They got rid of the snakes, sealed all the holes, gaps and cracks around my house and gave me great tips on keeping the critters away. Since their visit, we haven’t had any activity. I highly recommend them.

Extracted from: https://www.superpages.com/bp/duluth-ga/southern-wildlife-management-L2234849291.htm?SRC=organic&lbp=1&PGID=dfwlnpplanbt10.8083.1546013259106.203822948271&bidType=FLCLIK&TR=77&bpp=0&T=Atlanta&S=GA&L=Duluth,%20GA

eaifah (from Superpages)
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