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We specialize in Milton Squirrel Trapping – We get them out & take the measures to keep them OUT! We will rid you of the squirrel problem quickly & humanely.

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You must suspect you have a squirrel problem, or you would not have landed on our web page for Milton Squirrel Trapping Services.

We receive the same complaints day in & day out when people are worried that they have squirrels in their attic? The most common complaints are the following:

> Seen squirrels going into your soffits or eaves.
> Scratching sounds in your attic.
> Something is heard scurrying in your attic.
> Noises are heard in the fireplace.
> Chewing sounds heard at night.

We have the solution! We have fully licensed, insured, highly trained Squirrel Trappers (Wildlife Technicians) on staff to help resolve your issues with Squirrels – QUICKLY, EFFECTIVELY & ECONOMICALLY.

First and foremost, we simplified the process by charging a FLAT RATE FEE for trapping. Gone are the days where people should pay per critter trapped. That old practice bred too many opportunities for dishonesty. With us charging a flat-rate fee, there are NO hidden charges or surprises!


We set enough traps at your home to take care of the problem within the one-week timeframe. We perform daily squirrel trap checks to make sure that your trapping dollars are effective. It is imperative that daily trap checks are provided, not only is it humane, but it is the law. After all, you want them out & the sooner we get the squirrels out of your attic or home, the quicker we get to complete your job done.

For the record, under our Nuisance Wildlife Control license, it is illegal to kill squirrels. We are required to cage trap and relocate (release) unharmed in their natural habitat. Below is the actual screenshot from the DNR website as well as it is an active link:squirrel trapping laws


Exclusion is a critical step in the squirrel control process. The price reflects the amount of work required and it doesn’t always depend on how big of a home it is or even the square footage. The price is indicative of the amount of work needed to critter-proof the home.

The single most common entry point for squirrels is the construction gap or commonly called the builder’s gap. It ranges from 1 – 5″ in our area. However, our quote typically also includes gable vents, crawl space vents, soffit returns, pipe chases, utility chases, etc.

As a common practice, while we are trapping, we automatically inspect your home to provide you with a quote to squirrel-proof your home. Squirrel Exclusion is the act of using galvanized metal and stainless steel to seal up a home to prevent squirrels from entering.

It is common in our industry to charge an annual fee with the warranty. Typical annual fees range from $100 – $495 per year. We offer a 5-Year warranty with ZERO annual fees. We stand behind our work and guarantee that no squirrel will get past our work.

Call us – we want your business!

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Milton Squirrel Trapping Area

Squirrel Trapping area map in Milton Georgia

Serving all of the Milton Georgia zip codes for Squirrel Trapping & Squirrel Removal including zip codes: 30004.


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