Milton Squirrel Removal

Not only do we specialize in Squirrel Trapping in Milton Georgia but we also take the measures to keep them OUT! We will rid you of the squirrel problem quickly & humanely.

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So you have a problem with squirrels. Are there squirrels in your attic? Squirrels in you soffits? We have the solution! This is what you can expect when you hire us… First and foremost, we have decided as a company to simplify the process and just charge a FLAT RATE FEE for trapping. There are NO hidden charges or surprises!


95% of our Squirrel Trapping jobs have been resolved in 1 week. We do something a little differently — we check our traps every single day. The technician and/or homeowner could be fined as a result of traps not being checked every 24 hours. Plus it makes the absolute most out of your trapping dollars. We communicate along the way to give progress updates. The only time there is difficulty is when there are inaccessible parts of the attic and it is during baby season. Obviously they do not come into our traps for the bait we use… they want milk.

While we are setting up the traps and starting the trapping the squirrels we will inspect the building (home) for free to determine what exclusion work needs to be performed in order to “Get them OUT & Keep them OUT!

If accepted (approved) then we will start the exclusion work while we are doing the trapping.


WE ARE PROUD TO SAY THAT we have some of the least expensive prices for exclusion work in our industry. Although we use the highest quality materials from the metal being galvanized or stainless steel to the fasteners being the (seemingly) most expensive on the market. Plus we exceed our industry’s standards on animal proofing measures and applying the material.

We bring a portable brake to bend the metal to have an even seam versus using a mallet to pound it or bend it by hand. When excluding gable vents or other entry points we take into consideration visual aesthetics while maintaining animal-proof methods. We even spray paint the fastener heads to blend when needed. Our materials are guaranteed for at least 25 years from the Manufacturer. We guarantee that no animal will get past the areas that we exclude.

We are all about customer service. We can get the job done without BREAKING the law and being inhumane to the squirrels. We will earn your business!


Milton Squirrel Trapping Area

Squirrel Trapping area map in Milton Georgia

Serving all of the Milton Georgia zip codes for Squirrel Trapping & Squirrel Removal including zip codes: 30004.