Atlanta Squirrel Removal

Not only do we specialize in Squirrel Trapping in Atlanta but we also take the measures to keep them OUT!  We will rid you of the squirrel problem quickly & humanely.

So you have a problem with squirrels in Atlanta. Are there squirrels in your attic? Squirrels in you soffits or eaves?  Do you have scratching sounds in your attic?  Scurrying sound in your attic?  Lastly, Sounds in your chimney? We have the solution! We have fully licensed, heavily insured, continuously trained Squirrel Trappers (Wildlife Technicians) on staff to help resolve your issues with Squirrels – QUICKLY, EFFECTIVELY & ECONOMICALLY.

First and foremost, we simplified the process by charging a FLAT RATE FEE for squirrel trapping & squirrel removal.  There are NO hidden charges or surprises!


We set enough traps at your home in Atlanta to take care of the problem within the one week time frame.  We perform daily squirrel trap checks to make sure that your trapping dollars are spent on trapping effectively.  It is imperative that the trap checks are done in order to perform the trapping to our standards and exceed your expectations.  After all, you want them out & the sooner we get the squirrels out of your attic or home, the quicker we get to wrap it up and be done with your job.


This is a critical step in the squirrel control process.  It does not matter how big the homes are in Atlanta or how much you paid for it.  The single most common entry point for squirrels is the construction gap that is in every home.  It ranges from 1 – 5″ in Alpharetta and the surrounding areas.  As a common practice as we are trapping for the squirrel we automatically inspection your home to find out how the squirrels are getting in and measure up the home to make it squirrel-proof.  The act of using galvanized metal and stainless steel to aesthetically seal up a home to prevent squirrels from entering is called: Squirrel Exclusion.  We take our time & Do it right the first time.  We do not charge an annual inspection fee like some others that can add up to an average of $500 just for their annual squirrel inspections just to maintain the warranty.  We stand behind our work and guarantee that no squirrel will get past our work for Three (3) Years.


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Atlanta Squirrel Trapping Area

We offer squirrel trapping services to the entire Atlanta market including the following zip codes: 30321, 30325, 30396, 30326, 30315, 30317, 30398, 30331, 30343, 30375, 30311, 30332, 30302, 30318, 30369, 30374, 30324, 30306, 30342, 30368, 30377, 30314, 30309, 30310, 30301, 30305, 30361, 30354, 30363, 30303, 30392, 30388, 30353, 30330, 30394, 30313, 30308, 30357, 30355, 30348, 30312, 30319, 30316, 30307, 30380, 30304, 30327, 30334, 30336, 31106, 31131, 31107, 31193